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Welcome to your new website!

(This spot  will  be replaced with A real  welcome written by  the powers that be, I'm  guessing  The perv who  is our  leader)

       So I decided to  try a new page and get  it  mostly  working then invite the Officers in to  see what  I  have wrought.   The goal  here is an  easy  to  use site  with  bits and bobs  of  info,  a somewhat  active forums, a place for Arise to  tell it's story  in  Picts and Fanfic,  Secondary  site for guild info (the armory seems a bit  more robust but  i'll  check  things out  as I  go), and a place for people to list  needs and wants.

        I  went with Guildportal since I  have used it  in the past  with  Dragoons. It is simple to use, letting me add and modify  content  without  having  to  do  any real page design  or  layout  in  HTML/XML (Izzy Lazy? you  bet  yer ass).  The GP site also   has ok  WoW Integration and an  easy  to  setup  paypal  link for donations for the vent  server(I'll  ask  what  the monthly  coast is and if  the person  hosting  it  wants this.) and if  we have  extra dosh an  add-free guild site ( $7.50 /month not  as important, I  can  deal  with  a few banners). GP also  has good tools for tracking site active members, auto  inactive  warnings and the like to  keep  people coming  to  the site.

        I  like the people in  Arise and wanted to  give something  back  to  the guild, if  after the Officers see this site and tell  me that  it  is not  wanted I  will  crush  it.  If  they  tell  me they  like it  but  want  someone else to  run it  I  will  hand it  over  with  grace and only  a small  bit  of  whining(heh).  If  the tell  me they  like it  and want  me to  keep  up  the good work  I  will.

You  are nice Folk  and I  shall  abide by  your  will.
Thank  you  Arise
Isgranne (Jeremy)   

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Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Isgranne, Feb 9, 10 2:50 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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